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For latest news and information about Perfect Image, Inc. and our industry check back regularly.

September 2014.: Perfect Image wins a contract with the Goverment Printing Office to scan an estimated 50K microfiche on site at the Army Corps Facilities in Galveston, TX .

December 2014.: Perfect Image moves its Atiz bookscanner on site to the University of Washington to scan rare and fragile books some of which are 500 years old. The work is in support of the Sephardic Studies Section in their effort to create a dictionary for the Ladino language while access to native speakers still exists.

March 2014.: Perfect Image wins a contract with the Louisiana Secretary of State to scan 2736 reels of 35mm microfilm on site in Baton Rouge.

February 2014.: Perfect Image travels to the City of Wailuku, HI to scan 100k images from recorders books which predate Hawaii becoming a state. Some texts dated to the early 1900s.

January 2014.: Perfect Image wins a contract with the City of Racine, WI to scan 1M images from microfilm.

June 2013.: Perfect Image collaborates with the Seahawks to scan their media guides from bound originals dating back to the origin of the team in 1976

November 2012.: Perfect Image wins a contract with Sacramento Utility District to scan 2 million images from mixed format microfiche (16 & 35mm) and 90k images from hardcopy and engineering drawings.

September 2012.: Perfect Image earns a one year contract extension with the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii. We have been indexing Motor vehicle reports for the County for the past three years.

July 2012.: Perfect Image is the first vendor to offer full ribbon hosting of microfilm, microfiche and bound books. The system is cloud based built on ASP architecture which is browser, platform and operating system independent. This allows quick and easy access to imagery from any web based device.

February 2012.: Perfect Image wins a contract to scan over 14 million images of medical and employee wage files for the Illinois State Retirement System. The project is slated for completion by January 2013.

January 2012.: Perfect Image wins a contract extension to host imagery for the Illois Secretary of State for an additional five years.

June 2011.: Perfect Image wins contract with the Washington State Department of Licensing. The project is a multi-year project for CD Duplication and Replication.

April 2011: Perfect Image wins contract with the Newton Free Library. The project involves on site planetary scanning and indexing of over 25K pages from bound city directories dating back to the mid 1800s.

Oct 2010: Perfect Image wins contract with the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office. The project involves planetary scanning and indexing of over 250K pages from bound field books.

Jan 2010: Perfect Image wins contract with the Montana Histroical Society in their efforts on the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP). This effort includes scanning and OCR of approximately 50K frames from 35mm microfilm.

Oct 2009: Perfect Image wins contract with Federal Bureau of Land Management. The contract consists of scanning 500k images from Aperture card, indexed by township, section, range, cardnumber and date with 99.9% accuracy.

Apr 2009: Perfect Image travels to Perth, Australia to scan 4.5 million frames from 16mm and 35mm Microfilm using the second of their two Flexscan Film Scanners. The project includes scanning and indexing of records back to the 1940s for the State of Western Australia, Department of Planing and Infrastructure

Jun 2008: Perfect Image acquires the first of two Flexscan multiformat film scanners allowings us to ,ore easily support our customers when onsite film conversion is required. These scanners use the latest Nextstar Ribbon File Technology and can be fitted with Film, Fiche or Aperture Card Modules

Apr 2008: Perfect Image, Inc. Acquires an Atiz Book Scanner. This digial plaentary camera system allows us to add bound book scanning to our service offerings

Mar 2008: Perfect Image receives an award for the Commenwealth of Kentucky. This contract is a General Services contract that can be utilized by any State Agency for Scanning, Data Entry and Remittance Processing

Feb 2008: Perfect Image receives an award to host 20TB of data for the State of Illionois. The data will be mirrored between two sites, one on each coast. The data interface was designed internally and is hosted in our Class 5 facility on SQL server. This contract provides us the avenue to offer web data hosting and management to our customer base.

Sep 2005: Perfect Image opens an office in Wethersfield, CT. In support of our recent State of Connecticut General Services Contract we have commissioned an East Coast base of operations. This facility is highly secure and offers high volume document prep, scanning and indexing and has a weekly thruput of 600k indexed images.

Jun 2000: Our High Accuracy Scanner is featured in Aviation Week



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