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    Perfect Image, Inc. believes we have advantages over our competitors. The graph below identifies seven characteristics that contribute to that position.

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We have listed some items we believe demonstrate our strengths.

  1. Perfect Image, Inc. offers the highest quality deliverables at a reasonable price.
  2. Perfect Image, Inc. is the largest conversion house in the United States. We have over 40 trained, experienced drafters and engineers.
  3. Perfect Image, Inc. and The Boeing Company are the only two companies in the world that can repeatedly and accurately scan non-dimensioned drawings to an accuracy of .002 inch over the length of a drawing. We utilize FAA-approved large format flatbed scanning technology. Other companies use roll sheet scanners which introduce error and are significantly less accurate.
  4. Our references are impeccable. We gladly invite anyone to call any company we’ve ever worked with about the quality of our services.
  5. We can offer on-site scanning services. This will allow your company to create quality raster images while retaining control of the originals.
  6. We are leaders and early adapters of cutting edge data conversion technology, but more importantly we take the time to ensure our customers are well versed in all possible data conversion solutions.
  7. We insist on being an ethical firm our customers and competitors can trust. We believe it's very important our customers are satisfied. We will never overstate our credentials, attempt to influence the award of any bid, cut corners, or take advantage of a poorly written bid. In fact, we are often the only bidders to identify problematic and costly RFP omissions and errors to our clients. This is the only way to be in business for the long term.
  8. We have always triple checked every drawing that leaves our office. We believe we create accuracy you can depend on. The high number of repeat customers demonstrates this.

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